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Human Skills Mining: Accessing the Specialists and Experts Your Business Needs

Human Skills Mining goes beyond the conventional limitations of personal and social networks, offering you unparalleled access to the most fitting talents and experts for your open roles.

Our HR Data Research specialists utilize our groundbreaking, custom-built data-driven search system to analyze the digital trails left by your ideal candidates.This approach enables us to discover professionals who not only precisely meet your specified criteria but also bring those distinctive skills and experiences that set them apart.

Choose TAILORYOUNG to ensure a perfect match with the most sought-after talents in your industry, free from the usual confines of traditional recruitment practices.

Likely the most modern personell search system in the world explained simply:

Top employers and internationally networked companies rely on us:

Tired of missing out on
top candidates?

Get ideal candidates - without limiting algorithms and platforms.

With the TRACE SOURCING methodology, we go far beyond the limits of conventional sourcing tools.  We put you in touch with interested, diverse talents and specialists. We help companies identify active and passive candidates across all networks and platforms. Instead of relying on personal networks, as is common in traditional HR consulting and headhunting, we rely on data. Exabytes of data.
Our innovative search systems gather data from all over the internet and are not limited by algorithms or individual platforms and databases. As a result, we deliver outstanding data quality and secure, data protection-compliant processes. Our recipe for success is the combination of data-based search systems with human expertise and maximum search speed.

100% GDPR compliant


100% suitable candidates

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Optimize your Candidate Sourcing with TAILORYOUNG as your partner

Are you ready to make
a perfect hire?

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After a comprehensive briefing, our specialists employ our unique search system to to pinpoint the ideal candidates for your vacancy.

Within a few days, we present you with a carefully selected list of candidates, each meticulously matched to your specific requirements. Our user-friendly client portal provides effortless access
to all essential search details, from candidate lists and CVs to your invaluable feedback, further streamlining the recruitment process.

Our goal is to simplify and accelerate the filling of both new and existing roles, ensuring your time is spent where it matters most.

Discover more about the client
portal´s features and FAQs.


DAY 2-4

We start sourcing potential candidate data who match your criteria using our data-based TRACE SOURCING search methodology. Within a short time you will receive the first test list. With your feedback on the test list, we will refine the parameters for the comprehensive search.

trace timeline


Briefing with our Human Skills Mining Experts about the vacant position to create an individual and specific search profile.


The search is complete. You will receive the entire candidate list matching your parameters.


Get better responses from your ideal candidates by extending your in-house talent acquisition capabilities with us:

Competition for the best specialists and talents on the market is incredibly high. Candidates are extremely hard to find and even harder to reach. Limited search options lead to a further intensification of this competition for the same top talent in the same pool of candidates. Specialists who can be found in career networks are overwhelmed with automated or generic inquiries.
The result is frustration among top candidates. 
We are experts when it comes to personal candidate outreach. With our approach, you will get feedback from your candidates without worrying that your contact attempts will go unanswered.

We solve your problems in the following areas:

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Spend less time searching and more time hiring the right people!
Increase your talent pool and talk to candidates that others miss out on.
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