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Wouldn´t you much rather start closer to the finish line when "running the recruiting race"?

Now your team can hire the best candidates without any of the 

typical challenges of talent search.

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Top employers and internationally renowed companies rely on us:

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Say Goodbye to Active-Sourcing Stress: Introducing


Delegate the painstaking task of active sourcing to us. Our groundbreaking Human Skills Mining technology provides unmatched access to a pool of perfectly skilled people for your vacancy. Our team of experts leverages our data-based search system to pinpoint candidates who not only meet but exceed your specific requirements—by adeptly gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing crucial data.

Boost Your Productivity with TAILORYOUNG

We will swiftly and effectively pinpoint the top-tier talents and specialists for your role, taking charge of both discovering and initially contacting the perfect matches for you. With TAILORYOUNG, you gain a formidable advantage in navigating the competitive talent acquisition arena.

Would you like to fill vacancies faster?

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One of the world´s most cutting-edge personell search system


Leveraging Trace, our bespoke data-driven search system, we excel in the fine art of active sourcing. Our superior data analysis, enriched by the keen insights and extensive experience of our HR-Data Research experts, is designed to identify candidates that align perfectly with your vacant job profile.

Tailored to Propel Your Recruiting Success

Our approach is as distinctive as your requirements. We fine-tune our search to match the detailed needs of your open roles, fostering a collaborative partnership that guarantees comprehensive coverage.

Focus on What Matters Most

Our core mission is to provide you with the best candidate data and immediate access to the talent capable of advancing your teams and projects. Our advanced client portal simplifies your recruitment journey by placing search results, candidate profiles, progress updates, and feedback directly at your fingertips, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Leaving you with more time to talk to your ideal candidates.

International companies praise TAILORYOUNG for finding highly qualified and specialized employees.


With TAILORYOUNG we have found an excellent solution to accelerate our recruiting processes with individually curated and excellent candidate data and to access suitable candidates even for extremely difficult job profiles. 

TAILORYOUNG stands for excellent quality, which helps us a lot in recruiting specialists and top talents.

Dr. Markus Tomaschitz, Chief Human Resources Officer & Group Spokesman - AVL List GmbH

Dr. Markus Tomaschitz

Chief Human Resources Officer & Group Spokesman - AVL List GmbH

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Rapid Results - candidate list in 3-5 days

Spend less time searching and more time talking to the right people.


Rapid results

One price - no matter how many people you hire today or in the future

No matter if you hire one or more people from our candidate list, you always pay only one fixed price.


One price

100% matching profiles - 100% EU GDPR compliant

Our data based search systems source the internet for the smallest of leads, allowing us to find people who 100% match your requirements.


100% matching profiles - 100% EU GDPR compliant

Complete overview of your specific candidate market

Our data-based search system is independent of the limitations of personal or social networks and databases.


Complete overview

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Spend less time searching and more time talking to the right people.
Wouldn´t you much rather start closer to the finish line when recruiting?

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