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Data-Driven International Recruiting: The Future of Global Talent Search

Finding the right fit in international recruiting can be tough. We simplify this using Human Skills Mining, helping you quickly and efficiently spot the right global talent for your recruitment projects.

Moving beyond old-school methods, we employ data-driven search systems to match candidates to your unique requirements accurately. These valuable insights will enhance your future international recruiting strategies.

Our ability to personally connect with international professionals in multiple languages ensures a customized approach for you.

International Recruiting without data-based
Human Skills Mining: 


Identifying candidates according to GDPR rules is time-consuming and labor-intensive in a foreign candidate market.


It takes much time to identify passive candidates who are not actively looking and to put together detailed profiles of their qualifications.


A limited understanding of local job markets and effective candidate-sourcing channels makes the process of international recruiting very time-consuming.


Substantial costs may arise from protracted processes with low success rates.


It may be challenging or impossible for you to personally reach out to preferred candidates in their native language.

Trace Designelement

International Recruiting 
with data-based Human Skills Mining:


We swiftly and effectively identify and qualify suitable candidates using data-driven search systems. Our approach is network-independent, global, GDPR-compliant, and fast


Through Human Skills Mining, we can precisely identify candidates matching your search criteria based on the data traces they leave behind. Our experienced HR experts analyze and connect these data to create up-to-date candidate profiles.


Our pricing model is simple and transparent: You always pay a fixed price for the identification of candidates, whether you hire one or multiple individuals from our candidate list.


Our candidate outreach provides insights into your position's attractiveness and the readiness of suitable talents to consider it. 

Furthermore, you have unlimited access to this valuable information for future use.


International companies praise TAILORYOUNG for finding highly qualified and specialized employees.


Through the targeted and personal candidate approach of TAILORYOUNG, we achieve a excellent overview of the attractiveness of our company from the candidates perspective. Further, we get the advantage of learning more about a potencial candidates’willingness to join our company or not. This information is available to us without restriction and is also very helpful for future recruiting projects.

Martin Schott

Martin Schott, MBA

Vice President People & Culture - Bertrandt AG

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Spend less time searching and more time talking to the right people.
Wouldn´t you much rather start closer to the finish line when recruiting?

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Spend less time searching and more time talking to the right people.

Harness the power of data to find your ideal candidates.
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